View the Register of Interests of the members of Eccleshall Parish Council

Many Parish and other local organisations and bodies ask the Parish Council to send along a representative of the Council to its meetings etc.
The Council appoints such representatives annually at the annual general meeting in May when officers etc are elected.

Group or body

Parish Councillor or other

Allotments Association

Councillors G. Garner and M. Starkey

Croxton Playing Fields

Councillors Delanchy, Jacques and Langford

Ecclian Society

Councillor P. Jones

Eccleshall Community Centre Association

Councillors Amos, Jacques and Starkey

Parish Councils Association

Parish Clerk

Parish Forum

Parish Clerk

Offley Hay Village Hall

Councillor L. Taylor-Potts

Press Officer

Councillor P. Jones

Internal Auditor

Councillor P. Jones

Independent Internal Auditor

Mrs J. Hill

Police Liaison Officer

Parish Clerk

Business Group

Councillor P. Jones

Newsletter Editorial Team

Councillors Pimble and Baskerville

Stafford Tourism Bureau

Councillor P. Jones

Eccleshall First Responders Group

Councillor D. Jacques

Children and Young People's Champion

Councillor D. Dyer

Slindon Residents



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