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January 2013

The Plan for Stafford Borough – Publication Pre-submission documents

 Representations are now being invited on the Plan for Stafford Borough – Publication and associated Revised Sustainability Report.

 The Plan for Stafford Borough sets out the vision, key objectives, the development strategy, strategic development locations and policies for the future development of the Stafford Borough Area.

 Representations need to be based on the following criteria:-

  • Is the plan Justified – ie founded on robust evidence and is the most appropriate strategy against all reasonable alternatives?
  • Is the Plan effective – ie deliverable/flexible/able to be monitored?
  • Is it consistent with National Planning policy?
  • Is it Legally compliant?

The deadline for the submission of comments is 12 noon on Thursday February 28th, 2013.

 Further information can be viewed on the Borough Council website or by contacting the Forward Planning Section on 01785 619000.


Response previously submitted by Eccleshall Parish Council:- This can be viewed as a Word Document:-

icon Response to LDF revised submission


The next stage of the consultation process with regard to the Local Development Framework is now available and can be viewed on the Stafford Borough Council website or by using the following link:-  a hard copy of the document is also available in Eccleshall Library.

Eccleshall is identified along with Gnosall, Hixon, Woodseaves and Haughton as a settlement / locality to deliver key development  (1,035 homes).  The potential locations identified show far more housing provision throughout the Borough than is actually required.

The document states that  various  considerations have been taken into account when establishing the potential locations. These include:-

  • Nature Conservation Areas.
  • Floodplain and Flood risk areas.
  • Historic Environment, including Conservation Areas.
  • Transportation and Communication links
  • Services and Facilities including education, health, water resources, utilities and access to shops.

The document also identifies locations for employment provision and included in this is 23.5 hectares at Raleigh Hall


A Public Meeting was held on Wednesday 29th October 2008 at Eccleshall Community Centre, Shaw’s Lane, to discuss the Local Development Framework (LDF) currently being prepared by Stafford Borough Council.

Notes from the meeting can be viewed - Public Meeting LDF

The LDF will set out how Stafford Borough Council will identify land for future housing and employment growth until 2026.  As part of the process, the Borough Council has asked landowners and developers to put forward sites to achieve this.  Council officers have also identified sites within existing towns and villages that they wish to be considered for infill development.  No decisions have been made about allocating future housing sites. These are copies of the maps from the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment consultation document, which is currently available for inspection on the Borough Councils website at

There is an opportunity for other sites to  be suggested for inclusion as part of the consultation process and there will be an opportunity to comment on the suitability of these sites at the next round of consultations in February 2009.

Comments from individuals will be welcomed by the Borough Council. The deadline for submission of responses is 12 noon on Tuesday, 11 November 2008.

Written responses should be sent to Mr. P. Windmill, Forward Planning Manager, Stafford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Riverside, Stafford. ST16 3AQ.


Stafford Borough Council is currently preparing a Local Development Framework to comply with Central Government's Regional Development Plan. This will eventually replace the Stafford Borough Local Plan 2001, which is the current basis of planning decisions.

The Regional Plan requires the identification of land for 10,3000 new homes in Stafford Borough by 2026, 7,000 of these being within Stafford Town, an employment provision of 40 hectares to be available every 5 years, a retail requirement of 50,000 sq metres, office accommodation of 45,000 sq metres and proposals for new transport schemes. The implication of these proposals is enormous. The requirement for new homes means that more new homes will be required than the entire number of homes already in Stone. Even if the majority of these properties, together with employment and retail provision, are located in Stafford and Stone, there will still be considerable pressure for more development in more rural areas outside these two towns.

It has been reported in the press that David Kidney said that Stafford Borough Council had volunteered to accept this additional development, but at meetings attended by Eccleshall Parish Councillors, the impression was given that this enormous expansion of development was imposed on the Borough. Nevertheless, this imposition of so much building work by Central Government within the Borough Council's area could have very serious consequences for Eccleshall and the local infrastructure.

Extensive consultation has already taken place by eth Borough Council. This has been through the Council's consultation portal at  as well as articles and advertisements in the local press. This has so far included the following topics:-

  • Principles for Settlement Development
  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
  • Settlement Assessment of Services and Facilities
  • The Plan for Stafford Borough - Borough Wide Development Strategy
  • Sustainability Scoping Report

Initial findings have already been published which will form the basis for the future development of the plan. As reported in the local press, with regard to the identification of suitable towns and villages for future development, the Council has used a points scoring system to measure the facilities available in each village. This identified Gnosall as the most suitable village throughout the Borough for more dwellings with Eccleshall a close second.

Eccleshall Parish Council has made comments at every stage of the consultation up to now. Their submission to the most recent element of the consultation was to submit the following comments:-

Eccleshall Parish Council agrees that there is a range of settlements with locally distinctive characteristics. In Eccleshall, the Parish Council believes that the Town Design Statement prepared by the local community should form an influential basis for the design principles of future development to maintain the architectural qualities of the town.

Eccleshall Parish Council agrees Stafford and Stone should be considered to be principal and secondary settlements within Stafford Borough but accepts that some development in Eccleshall would be beneficial for the maintenance of the established services and facilities in the town.

Eccleshall Parish Council believes that some minor development would be appropriate in Croxton to maintain the existing amenities and services in the village, as this village serves a large hinterland between Eccleshall and Loggerheads. Appropriate foul drainage would obviously be necessary. This would add Croxton to Group 3.

The Parish Council's support for additional development in the town, within the parameters suggested , is the view of the majority of the Councillors. However, the consultation process is open for comments from anyone, whether they agree with the Parish Council's view or not. None of the consultation topics are open for comment at the moment, but previous responses can still be viewed on the web site. Future topics will be forthcoming as the development of the plan proceeds.

The Borough Council is currently preparing a list of suggested sites for development which will be put forward for comment. It is possible that you will be affected by these proposals, especially if you live on the edge of the town. This may well be the catalyst for you to take an interest and respond, because without comments, the planners will have their way without change.


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